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TellPopeyes Survey – – Get FREE Chicken

Keeping the grand old tradition of Southern fried chicken alive and well in the United States, Popeyes is here to elevate your dining experience one step further. The company is now presenting you with the opportunity to participate in the TellPopeyes guest experience survey through the website poll hosted at the website. What you have to say matters to the brand and since your time and effort is valuable too, you get rewarded with a guaranteed prize of FREE fried chicken from Popeyes Louisiana Chicken upon completing the guest experience survey.

The Popeyes Famous Chicken brand is decades old and well-established in the food and service industry throughout the United States and across the world as well. But in these competitive times when all of the giants in the business are fighting to the teeth to acquire customers and keep a healthy stream of revenue flowing, it is going to take more than just lip-smacking fried chicken to keep Popeyes growing. The way customers experience the delicious food over at Popeyes, their interaction with the staff, and their thoughts on the quality of service that is offered at the thousands of locations, all of it matters to the company. Keeping a strong relationship with the customer and boosting the satisfaction rate is what the brand hopes to achieve through the TellPopeyes guest experience survey. So here’s how you can be a part of the constructive channel for the company and by providing your feedback, become eligible for a FREE food prize that Popeyes is obliged to give away.

Why the Popeyes Guest Experience Survey

Imagine that you went out to grab some of the famous fried chicken at a Popeyes restaurant near you and dunked it in with some of the classic Coleslaw. As a patron to Popeyes, you expect the tasty goodness to always make your taste buds explode, but this time around, you did not enjoy the mouthwatering dining experience that you do every time. No matter how hard Popeyes may be committed to delivering an outstanding dining experience to all of its customers each time, perfection simply does not exist in the food and service industry. But that does not mean that the brand is going to stop working on making the customer satisfaction rate higher by listening in to what you have to say about your recent experience at Popeyes and highlight the concerns that you may have regarding any or all aspects of the food and services that are offered.

It can be difficult to reach to customers after the point of purchase, and the outdated concept of asking the customer to physically fill out a survey form after a meal is just not appealing. To keep up with the modern standards of customer satisfaction, the brand is now hosting the TellPopeyes guest experience survey online through its website at Allowing you to form a direct line of communication with the executive team at Popeyes and putting forward your thoughts and feedback on how the company can improve the overall dining experience is made easier through the online survey. At the end of it all, Popeyes is more than happy to reward you for making the effort and wants you to enjoy fried chicken on your next visit to the restaurant on the house. The entire process of filling out the survey form takes just about a few minutes, so go ahead and participate in the TellPopeyes survey right now!

How to WIN Free Chicken in TellPopeyes Survey –

If you’re looking forward to sharing your experience dining at a Popeyes Famous Chicken restaurant recently, now is the time to talk directly to the brand about it. Here’s everything you need to do to participate in the TellPopeyes guest experience survey and stand a guaranteed chance to win delicious rewards upon completing the online survey successfully.

Survey Requirements:

The purpose of the Popeyes guest experience survey is to gather insightful information that can be used by the brand to serve you better. It is important to make sure that the opinions and thoughts you offer in the survey are of your own, without any prejudice or bias against the company or its employees.

  • The Popeyes survey is being hosted online on the website, which means that you will need an active internet connection on your mobile phone or computer to participate in it.
  • Details such as the Restaurant Number, Date, Time, and Total Amount spent will be required to enter the survey. All of these details are printed on the order receipt that you received during your recent visit, which is mandatory for participation.
  • The Popeyes guest experience survey can be participated in by those who can read English or Spanish language.
  • As a legal resident of any of the 50 States of the United States of America, you are eligible to participate in the survey online.
  • A minimum age limit of 18 years has been set for those who wish to participate in the TellPopeyes guest experience survey.
  • The offered prize that you receive after completing the survey is valid for use at any of the Popeyes restaurants within 30 days.
  • Feedback can be shared online through the survey or over the phone by calling the following number – 1-877-POPEYES.

Survey Restrictions:

  • You will be barred from claiming the Popeyes guest experience survey prize if found to be less than 18 years of age when participating.
  • As an employee who is currently working at any of the Popeyes restaurants in any capacity, you are hereby restricted from entering the survey. Additionally, the family of the employees, along with advertising and promotional partners of the Popeyes brand are also not eligible for participation in the guest experience survey.
  • If you make any attempt to provide falsified information or tamper with the TellPopeyes guest experience survey, your entry will be terminated.
  • After making the purchase over at any of the Popeyes stores, you have just 48 hours to enter the guest experience survey online and claim the prize.

Survey Participation Instructions:

Before you head over to the Popeyes official guest experience survey website, make sure that you’ve understood the eligibility criteria and the restrictions carefully. Proceed to offer your honest feedback and true experience during your recent visit to any of the Popeyes restaurants.

  1. To begin the survey, open the official website link on your mobile phone or computer browser –
  2. When you open the Popeyes survey website, you will be able to see the general welcome screen and instructions on how to proceed further.
  3. Using the button that reads Español, you can choose to change the language to Spanish.
  4. Take out the order receipt that you received during your recent visit to any of the Popeyes restaurants.
  5. Type in the details printed on the receipt, such as the Restaurant Number, Date, Time, and the Total Amount spent into the survey form and hit Start.
  6. You will now begin to take the Popeyes guest experience survey which will ask you questions about your order, how satisfied you were with the food and the staff service, rating the cleanliness of the location and more.
  7. Once you have completed the TellPopeyes survey, you will be granted a validation code to grab the free food prize that the company is giving out.
  8. You must reclaim the prize within 30 days of completing the guest experience survey at any Popeyes restaurant near you.

Resources & Links

Direct link to the Popeyes guest experience survey website:

TellPopeyes Guest Experience Survey

Popeyes Famous Chicken Privacy Policy webpage link:

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Terms of Service for the Popeyes guest experience survey:

Popeyes Terms of Service

About Popeyes

An American multinational chain of restaurants that can be compared to the likes of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits was founded in the Southern State of Louisiana, United States. Regarded as the second-largest quick-service chicken restaurants in terms of total serviceable units, Popeyes is spread across more than 40 States in the U.S.A., along with the U.S. Territories of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Apart from the thousands of locations in the United States itself, Popeyes chain of restaurants is also found in 30 other countries across the globe, with a total of 2,600 locations up and running worldwide, which puts it right behind its biggest competitor in the international market – KFC.

It is claimed by the company that its name comes from the fictional detective Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle in the movie The French Connection, and not the popular children’s cartoon character Popeye the Sailor. However, the company did acquire Popeye the Sailor and used it for marketing purposes for more than 35 years. During this period of time, there were dozens of TV advertisements featured in the 1970s and 1980s with “Love that Chicken” jingle that was sung in New Orleans style of music. Popeyes is most popularly known of its mild and spicy variants of fried chicken dishes, along with famous sides such as Cajun fries, coleslaw, macaroni & cheese, and the popular po’boy sandwiches. Despite the fact that fried chicken is the best Popeye menu item for decades now, the company has experimented with dishes such as Sweet and Crunchy chicken, the Turducken patty during the holiday season, waffle batter chicken strips and a whole lot more.

History of Popeyes

Back in the day when fried chicken space in the restaurant industry was dominated by Kentucky Fried Chicken, entrepreneur Al Copeland saw an opportunity to compete with the big players. Founded in the year 1972 in New Orleans under the name “Chicken on the run”, the first attempt was not enough for the brand to take off, and it failed after a few months. Copeland realized that the crowd expected a spicier alternative to the mild fried chicken that he was serving, and thus he opened the Popeyes Might Good Chicken restaurant with a recreated recipe for success. After perfecting the taste and creating a strong base, Copeland began franchising the restaurant under the name Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken in the year 1976, and in less than a decade, the chain had already grown to 500 restaurants.

After having a successful run for over a decade, the Copeland Enterprises which owned Popeyes in entirety filed for bankruptcy, which created AFC (America’s Favorite Chicken) company. However, the company made a comeback in 2014 when Popeye reacquired full control of the recipes, seasonings, and the proprietary food preparation techniques, which was earlier in control of Diversified Foods & Seasonings. It was only recently in the year 2017 that Restaurant Brands International acquired Popeyes for a healthy $1.8 Billion, and the value of $79 per share. In regard to the international locations that were first set up by the company back in the 90s, all of them are U.S. Military installations in countries such as Germany, Japan, and France, but are not open to access to the local civilian public.

Final Words

It has been a long road for the restaurant chain to build a strong customer base in the past decades not just in the United States, but across the world as well. This dependable brand name is a result of delivering premium quality dining experience with phenomenal food menu items at an affordable price point, along with a service that has turned even the most skeptical customers into loyal patrons. Since upholding a high level of customer satisfaction is a never-ending ordeal, Popeyes is continuing the crusade of keeping customers as you connected to the brand through direct communication. Thanks to the TellPopeyes guest experience survey that is currently being hosted at, you can reach out to the executive team behind your favorite fried chicken restaurant chain, provide your honest feedback and be rewarded with more of some of that scrumptious food in return for free.

Was your previous visit to a Popeyes restaurant near you not as satisfying as you would hope for it to be? Do you have something constructive to offer to the brand that it can put into action and make your next visit to the store more enjoyable? If you’re planning to take up the Popeyes survey and need any assistance in doing so, just reach out to us in the comments section and we’ll be sure to get back to you.